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Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs

When it comes to stunning designs, lightweight models, and durable material, Acrylic clawfoot tubs are the way to go! In times past clawfoot bathtubs became a common household item. Sadly, they were only available in heavy cast iron metal. Today, acrylic has paved the way for homeowners to have an affordable alternative to the old style tubs, and timeless elegance in the bathroom is available to every homeowner.


Acrylic tubs traditionally come in white. However, the flexibility of the material, these types of bathtubs can be customized into almost any color imaginable. Here at Still Waters Bath, we get requests for all different colors and custom finishes. Though white is the most-common, we can offer a customized model in almost any shade or color you can dream of. You truly get to choose the color from Sherwin Williams, or send us a photos of your exact color choice! Let us here at Still Waters Bath help make your dreams come true. Call us today 1-888-792-9336