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Cast Iron Tub Cleaning and Repair


Porcelain enamel is a hard, glass-like surface that is not easily scratched and is extremely durable. Cast iron tubs have a porcelain enamel surface that is fused to the cast iron under high temperatures and is one of the best heat resistant coatings available. Over time, if the incorrect cleaners are used, small pits or scratches may occur that can trap dirt in the porcelain.

A thorough rinsing and wipe-down with a soft cloth is recommended after each use. For more extensive cleaning, clean with a gentle soap, such as dish washing liquid or an all-purpose cleaner. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can damage your tub. The exterior of the tub is coated with oil-based paint that should be cleaned with soap and water. Mineral spirits should be avoided.

Porcelain enamel can be chipped if it sustains a very hard blow. Cast iron tubs have a very long life span and will typically last over 60 years. Repairing a chipped porcelain bathtub, sink or cracked tile requires a strong repair material with a trusted bonding agent. If your tub is chipped, we recommend the services of a professional to repair the damaged area.

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