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4th Of July Traditions

Posted by The Tub Lady on

I have never been one to go over board on Family Traditions, I am not sure if it was how I was raised or how I am wired. I have Holiday's I enjoy more than others - for instance I LOVE Thanksgiving but would be OK skipping Christmas as we know it. Mind you I am a woman of Faith, blood washed born again believer in fact. Sadly for most Christmas has become all about the gifts. With Thanksgiving it is about being together and enjoying each other-v not what did you buy me (OK rant over).


Forth of July is one of my Favorite Holidays and only one of 2 holidays we have have traditions that we never skip! Tomorrow we will travel 11 miles up the road to a small town with a population of 23- yes TWENTY THREE people live there year round!  To enjoy their yearly parade- along with about 1,500 others. The town BOOMS one day a year, we will enjoy the hour long parade, homemade ice cream, visiting with friends we don't see near enough. We lived in this small town when we first married, I would move back if he'd let me. We moved in July 1, 2007- needless to say when I woke up that morning I was a bit shocked over the amount of people there already - I had been told but I honestly didn't believe it. I will never forget my then 6 year old son answering the door to someone asking question and him telling him " I have no idea I don't really live here" - the move hadn't sunk in with him yet.


We'll BBQ in the afternoon and spend time paying games and just enjoying being together. No gifts, no rushing here or there just our little family together. Of course we will watch Fireworks tomorrow night!


My oldest is now 21 she'll leave the parade and head to work- I know soon my oldest son will be too cool to hang with his family all day!


What are your 4th Of July Traditions?



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