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5 Tips for Creating a Farmhouse Style Vignette

Posted by The Tub Lady on

First things first. You might be wondering the heck a vignette is anyway? I’m going to be real with you guys here. I didn’t know what vignette meant until I read this blog post. True story. I mean, who even says vignette? I sure as heck don’t, but I guess I’m not that sophisticated.

Anyway, it’s just a fancy way of describing a small grouping of decor, that you might see on a coffee table or shelf. Maybe even at the center of your dining table. The basic idea is to round up a handful of items and style them together in a way that looks cohesive. Sounds simple enough, but it can be a bit tricky to piece together just the right things to make it work. But have no fear my friends, I have a few tips that will make the entire vignette-styling-process a complete breeze!


Check out the full Vignette blog here?

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