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Cold Fall Days and Broken Bones!

Posted by The Tub Lady on

Beautiful Fall Days, have arrived cool mornings and nights.  Although this morning feels more like winter than fall. The air has a little to much chill for me, and the sky is over ridden with clouds. I am worn out this morning, last night was a long night.

We wrapped up the JR High football season with my youngest son, and he really went out with a BANG... or in his case a brake. Yep a broken hand thank you face mask.

I used to be the mom who walked the halls back and forth. Now I am the mom who puts on her game face, and makes the kid laugh while we wait for answers. The mom who stops for ice cream leaving the ER at one in the morning, that lets the little man sleep in the living room so he is close to me if he needs me in the night.

He is at the age that he is starting to let go a little, but still holds on to my hand when no one is looking. Just as the seasons change before our eyes, our kids change and grow. In just a few months it seems like our oldest son has turned into a man, and my youngest son, "my baby" isn't far behind him.

Why do children do this to us, why do they grow up and leave us wondering how it happened? My husband tells me this is normal, they grow up and mom wants to hold on while dad pushes them out of the 'nest'. Just so they know that time after time I will be waiting there to help them, to make them laugh while we wait, to buy the ice cream, and let them sleep in living room.

Are you enjoying the cold fall mornings, or dealing with broken bones this fall. Either way I hope you are enjoying the little and big things in life. I promise tomorrow to get back to great ideas, and ramble a little less.

-The Tub Lady


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