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Deck Out Your Dream Home

Posted by The Tub Lady on

We all know I love Bathrooms, how could I not? Besides I would have to love what I do to or I wouldn't be any good at it at all. I spend hours a day helping others design their dream bathrooms. I have been know from time to time to offer advice on anything from the hall, to the kitchen and any room in between. When you go to design school thankfully you do not have to pick just one room and stick to it for life. For me that is a good thing, I love 'home' in every way. Early on in my marriage  I told my husband I wanted to create a home we didn't want to leave. So in each design I help with, I keep that in my mind. If you have a home you love if makes it that much more relaxing when you come home from all the stresses in life. Go for it, Deck Out Your Dream Home and enjoy ever room your home has to offer. If you need design help I am always here!

- The Tub Lady

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