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Dos And Don’ts Of DIY Wooden Flooring Installation

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I love hard wood floors, I am guessing most of us do! If you are wanting to do the floors yourself but not sure where to start.. we have great news for you you can follow the Do's and Don'ts below or Watch this video for DIY Wooden Flooring Installation Tips!



Dos And Don’ts Of DIY Wooden Flooring Installation By: Diane Forster  

Follow The Instructions

Even if you’re a “do it yourself” type of person, it’s always best to treat the instructions as a necessity rather than a supplement. Your flooring is the foundation of your house, so it really needs to be installed properly. Make sure you read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the easiest and most accurate process for installation. If you’d like to get a visual idea, there are many installation videos online that will walk you through the process.

Installation Dos

• Do make sure the installation area is clean and completely prepared. Remove any dirt or mould. If concrete was laid make sure it is dry before you commence.

• The first plank should be installed parallel to the longest wall and towards the groove of the wall.

• The tongue and groove of each plank should be matched precisely to make sure there are no gaps. Each new row should be offset around six inches to avoid weakening of the floor.

• If nails are involved, remember to ensure the correct nailing gaps, this way floor will have natural movement.

• The last plank will most likely have to be trimmed to fit.

Installation Don’t

• Don’t glue wooden joints together.

• Don’t install wooden flooring over heating without consulting the manufacturer. You might have just assumed that all kind of wood would work with underfloor heating however that is not the case. Be sure to consult the manufacturer about the type of wooden flooring that would go best with these heating systems.wood flooring install


Once your wood flooring is installed there are also some Dos and Don’ts for maintenance that will help keep it looking just as beautiful as it did on the first day of installation. Be sure to keep it clean by mopping with a suitable floor cleaner and never use any harsh chemicals that might damage the surface of your flooring. If you use a vacuum cleaner make sure it doesn’t scratch the floor. You should also put pads or carpets under furniture to avoid scratching the surface.

Final Suggestions

If you are confused about types of flooring and their installation, contact Source Wood Flooring. Their experts are happy to answer your inquiries and come up with the best possible solutions.

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