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This week has been cool, finally the chill of Fall I have been waiting for. The days seem to start a little later, I only notice because I watch the sun rise through the kitchen window as I fix the boys breakfast.

This morning while waiting on the boys bus I sipped my mint tea and watched the wild life from my porch swing. (Yes I still sit with them when they allow it anyway, they always rush me in when we spot the bus. They are far from age where I need to sit with them, but I still enjoy it.) The summer has passed, the fall is here. I recall when I was younger hearing others say "time passes faster the older I get". Back then I felt like time would drag on, today however I look at the calendar and see tomorrow will be October. Where has this year gone, January was just here and it will be here again before we know it.

Fall for me has always been a time of reflection, a time to watch the colors change, a time to enjoy the crisp air, a time for jeans & sweaters, a time for hay rides and bonfires. So I sit here and smile enjoying my mint tea, long after the boys have gone. Sure I need to gear up for the week, but I think I will enjoy this fall morning just a little longer.

What part of Fall do you love the most?

-The Tub Lady

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