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First Day of School

Posted by The Tub Lady on

The house is empty now, half hour ago it was a mad house. When I was growing up I wished my mom would allow tons of friends over but she didn't. I used to think "when I grow up my house will always be open to my kids friends", it quickly became 'the place'.

There are always extra kids here ALWAYS. It honestly is nothing for the number of 'adopted kids' to out number my own. I love it, I love knowing that if there is an issue, if they need someone to lean on, or cry to, they know my door is open.

My daughter is 20, even her friends still stop by, three will be leaving for college over the weekend so they've stopped in for 'goodbyes'. I hate seeing them go, but love watching as they turn into young adults before my eye. Soon I am sure they will stop stopping in, or maybe they won't I cross my fingers it's 'won't'.

This morning my sons started Freshman year and 8th grade year. They will kill me for telling on them, but they still kiss me goodbye and sometimes will even snuggle with me. They promise to always do that, but who knows only time will tell.

Many moons ago my daughter and I started going for ice cream on the first day of school (always early outs here). We would talk about her teacher, classmates, expectations, excitements and dreads for the year.  I always took notes, because on the last day we would have ice cream again. As her brothers got older they joined us, and of course the topics changed but we always had ice cream.

When I started this, it was more for me than her I was heart broken she was starting school. Maybe still today it is more for me than them, although they do enjoy it. I am sad I only have 5 left, I mentioned that to my daughter today. Her reply "mom one day you will have grand kids to take for ice cream".

Soon they were off to other activities but for one hour, and 2 scoops of ice cream. They were my little kids again laughing telling me all about their day. What first day of school traditions do you have with your kids.

-The (tearful) Tub Lady


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