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Not all Gluten Free is Created Equal.

Posted by The Tub Lady on

This is a True Ramble for The Tub Lady... Last summer if you followed us you've read about our company garden. We here at Still Waters Bath try to eat healthy, and at times we fail. I honestly am likely one of the few who can say they stayed the same weight all holiday season. I unlike my husband, do not over eat this time of year. We have the big meals, I bake and often there is a day or two of candy making as well. Still I known when to step away, I think part of it for me anyway is by the time I make it I am just 'over it'.

It was about this time of year, four years ago that my husband went gluten free. With my food allergies I felt like if I went Gluten Free as well I would never find anything to eat when we went out. That and honestly I LOVE my pasta...a lot. So at the time I didn't make the move with him. However about a year an half ago I wanted to drop a little weight so I gave it a try, it worked until I discovered the Gluten Free isle of the store. I discovered a wide selection of pasta, breads, cookies and flour so I can make my own Gluten Free treats. Most of the time when I take a something to a pot-luck it is gluten free and most have no clue. The other day while shopping I picked up a package of ' Chocolate Sandwich Cookies' my hope was they would taste close to Oreo's. After all they looked just like them so how could they not taste close to them...right? Oh how I was wrong, these things had to be the worst cookie ever, it was like compressed dirt with glue between each compressed dirt wafer. Never in my life has I eaten something like this, my husband will tell you the real thing taste like that to him. Take it from me Gluten Free is Created Equal proceed with caution!

Hope your exposure to Gluten Free has been better than those cookies, share your stories below.

-The Tub Lady

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