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Grandpa's Garden...

Posted by The Tub Lady on

We have a company garden here at the office, we've grown an abundance items this summer. We've feed the office staffs family and shared with many in the area. As it becomes clear to us fall is here it will soon be time to clean up our garden spot and prep it for next spring. 

When I was growing up my mom's mom always had the most beautiful roses, my dads dad always had a garden that was perfect. I loved both of them dearly as I grew older I wished I had the green thumb they both seemed to have. Sadly everything I tried to grow didn't make it until this year.

This year I had a huge hand in the garden, and I have enjoyed the garden more this year than I have ever before. I was so excited to see how day by day things grew and produced. Sure we had some things fail, but far more that did not. Finally I understood all the work, love and care that he put in to his garden every summer.

I loved the fresh tomatoes this summer, almost as much as I did every summer growing up. I wait in anticipation for the fried green ones in a few weeks, just as I did back then.Today my grandpa would of been 82nd Birthday, I can still see him standing in his perfect garden with his crocked ball cap and smiling. Growing up I used to think he was just happy, but now I get it that the smile he had was so much more than just being happy.

He was pleased with the work he had done and the blessings that he had reaped from the seed he sewed. I can tell you I have that same feeling this year, and it is one I look forward to having many years to come. I only wish we got to enjoy those blessings together.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Grandpa.

-The Tub Lady

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