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Irene, I love the name as much as I love the memories this tubs brings to me. My grandmother had one in her home while I was growing up.

To me Irene, is the tub I grew up using when I visited her home. It was Sunday night dinners with smell of fried chicken cooking while I took my evening bath after playing out side all afternoon. To me she's cool baths, after a ling summer day. She is warm bubble baths on cold winter days.

She's a life time of memories for me, life was simple then. Playing on the slip and slide for hours, riding my bike with my little sister. Watching the sunset from the front porch with my grandma, with the smell of her rose bushes in the summer air.

Sure she offers, a traditional roll-top tub is available in several lengths with ball-and-claw feet. With one straight end, this tub offers the additional option of mounting a faucet on the inside wall of the tub as well as mounting the faucet on the rim of the tub or using a freestanding faucet...but to me Irene is more than a tub, and she's more than a memory.

Thinking you need make memories? Irene is perfect for making them.

-The Tub Lady


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