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No Dish Washer Here.

Posted by The Tub Lady on

Following my blog, also means following my life as many of you know. I enjoy sharing my life as well as ideas and projects. Many times I am working on my blog in my head...something will happen and I will think OH there's an idea. That is what happen this morning!

I get up early, sometime earlier than I would ever like to. Today it was 3:00am, not sure what woke me up or what kept me up. I laid there thinking over my to-do list this week, many mornings start like this for most of us.

Before I know it 6:00am is here and it is time to get up. I know my oldest son is already up, I can hear him walking around. He is waiting for me to get up an cook breakfast, he put his "order" in last night. I LOVE to cook breakfast for them, I grew up in a time and with a mom who said "just eat at school". Not my kids, I wanted that time with them, I wanted them to know yes mom is busy but not to busy for them.

I spend a good deal of time in my kitchen, cooking, baking and doing dished by hand. When we remodeled our kitchen last winter, we talked about finally putting one in. My husband is all for it, in all honesty so are the kids. However I am not, yes I do most of the dishes myself. Almost always one of the kids are in there kitchen with me while I am doing them. Talking to me, telling me about what is going on in school, with friends and of course football. So for me there will be no Dish Washer here, I will just have dish pan hands for the next few years. Because time is short, each passing day is one more day closer to them spreading their wings and fling away so I will enjoy each dirty dish while they last.


-The (tired) Tub lady


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