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No Filters, Just Life

Posted by The Tub Lady on

I only have two rules for this blog keep it interesting and real. Thinking about it these are some of my rules for life.

Sunset 1-8-17

I stop to smell flowers, I take walks and photo millions of photo. It doesn't matter if its a ball games, kids I have a camera close at hand. Next to taking photos of the kids, my favorite is a sunset or sunrise. My oldest son will tell you I take to many, he picks at me for stopping a long side the road countless times. Once he even said to me "mom how many sunset photos does one woman need?", My answer " as many as the good Lord allows me to see".

I enjoy far more sunsets than I do sunrises, my day starts early and most of the time I am busy and miss them. My mom was a painter, she said once she could never paint a sunset, only sunrises. So maybe that's why I capture so many sunsets, but who knows.'


This last week however I was blessed to snap two photos of a beautiful sunrise shortly after the boys headed off to school on the bus. Once I slipped back inside my phone showed it had a message my youngest son (13) had taken a photo of the sunrise and sent it to me so I wouldn't miss it. The best part is later that night he and I got to talking and checked the time stamp on the photos we took them at the exact same time! To me him sending me a photo and knowing I'd love it was as much of a blessing as it was to have the minute to enjoy the sunrise.

John's Sunrise

I wanted to share these photos with you!

Life gets busy that is just fact, but stop and enjoy the beauty of it from time to time.

- The Tub Lady


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