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Sometimes We Fail - It Is Time Organize Your Life

Posted by The Tub Lady on

As a busy mom, I have found that sometimes I fail I may let something stupid happen here at the office- or send my husband and boys to get a hair cut... a DAY early! No kidding, I even called her to let her know I had forgotten it was that afternoon, and they were on the way. Once we both got done laughing (becasue she thought she had forgotten as well) we realized we both were off. 

This whole week has been like this, OK who am I kidding this whole summer has been like this. It is one thing to another, I will start a project or spread sheet the phone will ring or  I will get an email - and just like that I am off track.

I was thinking today while eating lunch I need to get back on track with Organizing My Life. So I do what we all do I googled it!

#1. Write things down... I had to giggle to myself becasue I did have their hair appointment written down... ON THE WRONG DAY HA!

#2. Deadlines.. Yes I need to get better at that for sure. 

You see where I am going with this we all can do better, we all need a reminder from time to time! What tips do you want to share?


The Tub Lady


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