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The 204 Sq Ft Home

Posted by The Tub Lady on

When I married my husband, 10 years ago we were quickly coined "The Brady Bunch". We each had three children, three boys and three girls. I came with one girl and two boys, he with one boy and two girls. It was funny when the boys were younger people would often ask how it was having triplets.

My husband grew up farming, and wanted to return to the area he grew up in. Love struck I packed up and came willingly. About six years ago we bought a small farm, I simply love the old farm house but know one day soon the our new home will be built and the farm house gone. Thankfully it will be much larger than a tiny home.

We tend to look at things in a different light than most. When our oldest graduated from High School in '14 we wanted to give her a gift that would help her for years to come. So we built her a tiny house. She lives here on our farm, and drives back and forth to college. She will graduate college debt free and have her own home, allowing her to have a perfect head start in life...we hope. Our hope is once she has a family of her own she'll still visit her tiny home with her family. Our youngest son who is 13, has already started to plan his tiny home and picked out the spot for it on our land. The plan is for each child to have one, they will be built in such a way they can be moved if they so desire to. (Naturally our hope is they don't)

This is not our daughters home but, I loved the design and style of this one. Check out this 204 sq ft Home.

-The Tub Lady

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