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The Long awaited Saturday.

Posted by The Tub Lady on

The Long awaited Saturday, I don't know about you but I wait all week for today. Today is the day of the week I can finally fit in a little down time.Well it used to be anyway, now days it seems like they are packed full with things to do and places to get to. I remember when I was a child hearing my "Nanny" say "the older you get the faster time moves". She forgot to tell me the minutes become more precious, maybe that was a lesson she wanted me to learn on my own. Looking back I wish she would of told me, I would have slowed down long before now. Now I make the choice to slow down, the shopping can wait, the trips to town can be put off. Because this is the day I have waited for all week, this is the day I will make pancakes, I will ride bikes with the kids, I will slow down. I will enjoy my long awaited Saturday, and vow to be more organized so I can enjoy many more to come.

What do you look forward to on your long awaited Saturday?

--The Tub Lady

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