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Things You Should Do After Starting a New Job

Posted by The Tub Lady on

When I was a young mom, and my kids were little I wanted to stay at home until they started school. It wasn't always easy on us financially but it was important to me to be there for them. As the time flew by and the time for me to enter the working world again I worried non-stop on how and even IF I could rejoin the 'real world'.

I had spent years, going on play dates, skipping my hair and make up to make pancakes. I was always the room mother, and car pool mommy would I have to give these pleasures up once my baby started school?

I was blessed beyond words, with my first 'back to the real world job' because I was still able to do most of my mommy duties and work. I vowed not a work any place where family didn't come first. I always let them know in my interviews, I was a mom and then an employee. I have left a job or two where I felt like I was being as to pick one or the other.

Thankfully here that is never an issue, again I find myself blessed beyond words. Technology allows for us to work from anyplace these days, and so does our boss! So when you call if hear giggles of little ones or cheers from a football game know that not only am I allowed to be super mom it is encouraged!

If you are rejoining the work force after being off with kids or changing jobs here are 10 Things You Should Do!


-The Tub Lady

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