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Bedroom Decor Ideas for Teen Girls

Posted by The Tub Lady on

As my boys grew older I embraced it, and loved every bit of it. With our girls not so much, they girls are 12 and almost 11. Maybe it's because they the last two or because we share our time with them with their mom. Either way I just hate they are getting older, I have to remind myself they aren't little girls anymore. They have become young ladies, sweet, kind and loving young ladies.

My husband wants to split them up, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet... someday but not yet. I have given into the redecorating their bedroom, of course I still want soft pink and bunnies. They however think they need something "cooler", so we spent the weekend searching for ideas and something we can all agree on. You know something more 'hip' and less 'baby-ish'. We came across these 37 Insanely Cute Ideas! You are sure to love some of them as much as we did, and I think we came up with great ideas!

What cool things have you done for you pre-teen and teen girls rooms?

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