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Get an Antiqued Look When Painting Furniture

Posted by The Tub Lady on

Last week my darling so spilled water on the dinning room table. While he rushed to save the laptop on the table, he then 'cleaned' up the rest of mess and moved on. Now this area of the dinning room table hardly gets used but almost always has something on it (sadly).

Fast forward to last night, our other sons girlfriend was coming to dinner , and for a change everyone was home. This means momma is a happy camper because we get to use her dinning room, these days that is rare. While I am cooking I hear my husband asking the boys if they had spilled something anytime lately. My oldest son answers "just some water last week"... "but I moved the laptop that was on the table and cleaned up my mess". My husband reply's with " but you didn't move the magazines and books". (I knew where this was going and I didn't want to even go look.)  All I hear my son say is "OH "...

I went about cooking, and said nothing it wasn't until after dinner I even got a look at the mess he had created. I wanted to cry, not that this table is anything special nor did it lack in its share of dings, or spots, after-all we have 6 kids it has been abused over the years. However his spill left a HUGE black spot.

Then it dawned on me, I have always wanted to give it an "Antiqued Look" so this was my chance! That is what I will be doing next week, while all the kids are gone for the week I will be having a little fun with this project. When I mentioned that last night my son smiled and said he was glad he could help me out, like it was his plan all along! HA!

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