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Fabulous Ideas to Organize your Laundry Room

Posted by The Tub Lady on

The original poster writes "I’ll let you in on a little secret… I hate doing laundry. I know what you’re thinking “that isn’t a secret… everyone hates doing laundry!”  Guess what I do not hate to do laundry at all! But I love my laundry room, so I know that makes a difference.

As you know we live in an old farm house, we had two "closets" in the whole house. I cal them "closets" but one is under the steps and the other is a 3X3 opening by the back door. We moved from a home with 5 bedrooms, each having their own walk in honestly was my dream home until I had to clean it HA! Really we just wanted to live on the farm, so we could live with the temporary down sizing until we built our new home.

So When we moved in, and there being no real closets we improvised. Our laundry room here was rather large so my husband turned it into a walk in closet for him and I. He built ones for the kids rooms! So I can wash our things, dry fold/hang up and put way all in the same room! I love it, and it allows me to be organized! The kids don't have it so lucky, when we build they will have their own laundry room upstairs and I will have my washer and dryer in my master closet! Now that I have had this, there is no turning back for me! 

Are you looking for Fabulous Ideas to Organize your Laundry Room? You should check out this if you are!


-The Tub Lady!

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