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Fall Cleaning....

Posted by The Tub Lady on

This is the first weekend I have had down in a very long time, it is also the last weekend I will have "down" for a very long time. See with Fall comes Football Fridays, Marching Band Saturday's, and Church on Sunday.

We seems to move from one crazy season to the next. Someone asked me last week to join a quilting class on Thursday nights - as much as I would love to I have to keep that night open to cook for the football boys.

Anyway as I set here this lazy Saturday afternoon I am think I really need to do a little fall cleaning... ugh what would I even start with? These days I'm doing good to keep the floors swept, dish and laundry done  -forget the cobwebs and dusting! Do I want a spotless home yes... do I want it more than I want to spend time at a kids game?  NO - not even a little bit... I did find this handy little guide - maybe I'll get more done this year than last.

If you need some inspiration click on the link above to check it out! What is # 1 On your fall cleaning list?


- The Tub lady (who's just going to be lazy and let the cobwebs hand today)

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