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School Daze

Posted by The Tub Lady on

The house is empty this morning, School Day's have returned. I said to someone yesterday I didn't feel like they had really been out of school this summer becasue of being there so much for football and weights. However this morning as I am alone in the house I no longer feel this way and wish for summer to return.

I am almost in a daze - no one is going to pop in my office today to ask a question, or just chat while I work. I didn't cry the first day of school when they were younger - yet this morning I want to tear up a bit. My "baby" is in HS my oldest son a 10th grader my time is so short with them now... soon they will head off to college.  This is the first year of many I haven't taken them to school - last night they told me they didn't want to go for ice cream like we do every year... much to my surprise they asked me to pick them up after school to go this morning! I love when they toss ole mom a "bone". I know at this point they are doing it simply for me, but it still is nice.

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