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Spring Decorating Ideas

Posted by The Tub Lady on

I have a good friend, whom I love dearly. Yet I HATE to go to her house...

She is a working mother of two teenagers, she two is on the booster committee among about a million other committee's and boards. Yet her home is always PERFECT, I have no idea how she does it. I asked once if she had a house keeper and she laughed at me, literally laughed at me. To make matters worse she even decorates for every season, and holiday. I am not talking a wreath on the door, she decorates to the hilt for everything. We went to a BBQ there once and she even had special decorations for it. See why I dislike going to her house?  Yet, deep down I want to be more like her.


I found these ideas for Spring Decorating you are sure to love! Hopefully they will inspire you to be more like my dear friend and less like me!




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