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Summer Bucket List-Fun Summer

Posted by The Tub Lady on

I am so sick of hearing on Facebook how " Summer is Over" or "Summer Has Gone To Fast". How do I put this nicely.... it isn't even SUMMER YET! I still have to much to do with the kids this summer, sure we are already working on fall sports and thinking about next school year.

I have a list of very exciting things to do this summer... We’re excited. We love the lazy days of summer, having the kids home, pool days, summer nights, picnic, s’mores, fireworks. It’s all coming! Did we mention that we are excited? Summer really is our favorite time of year. We also know that sometimes you want to do fun things with the kids. Ideally because you are a wonderful mom who loves to spend time with her kids-but we know the truth, by late June you’re going to be needing some tricks up your sleeve to keep those kids entertained. Don’t worry. We’re in the same boat. Someone’s got to keep those kids entertained right?

  1. Run Through the Sprinklers
  2. Spend an afternoon at the Lake
  3. Make Tie-Dye Shirts
  4. Host a 4th of July Barbecue
  5. Play On a Slip-N-Slide
  6. Baseball (Minor League)
  7. Play With Sidewalk Chalk
  8. Have a Tea Party
  9. Take More Walks
  10. Go Fishing

What is on your Summer Bucket List!?

The Tub Ladt



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